SUPOST checker

SUPost Checker is a Chrome browser extension.

It shows notifications about recently posted items, taken directly from’s “recently posted” section. The toolbar icon has a badge that shows the number of new posts (yet unseen by the user).

Clicking on the icon opens a popup with a list of recently posted items.

What is SUPost Checker?
SUPost Checker
SUPost Checker keeps you ahead when looking for specific items...
where do I get it?
How do I update it?

Once installed, the extension will be updated with newer versions if updating is enabled in your Chrome.

Alternatively you can go to chrome://extensions, check the Developer Mode checkbox, and press the “Update extensions now” button that appears one you’ve checked it.

Is it free?

Yes. It’s free.

If you like it, find it useful and want to encourage me to publish more stuff, I definitely won’t stop you from pushing this button

What’s good about it?

It can save you time and money.

It has the option of filtering items that interest you, thus notifying you in time about great deals you are looking for. Also, instead of going to the website once in a while to check what’s up, thus distracting yourself from whatever important stuff you have to do, you can simply check if there’s anything interesting using the extension.

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